Privacy Policy

The nature of this website is solely for informational purposes and as the firm along with its attorneys function under the stipulated rules & regulations, it is the firm’s responsibility to safeguard the information provided by the visitors on the website.

Any kind of information submitted by a visitor on the website is collected by G&K Associates and is kept confidential. However, from time to time,the visitors might receive various types of updates, which would be informational in nature. These updates would be for sharing information, mandates, resolutions and other legal updates.

In order to provide uninterrupted services & updates to our clients, associates and users, the information gathered by the firm will however be shared with the related party responsible for the technical and operational management of the website & its servers.

If any subscriber of the website wishes to discontinue with our services, they can chose to refrain from receiving any further updates from the firm by contacting us through mail.