Registration of Entities

In today’s time, the number of ventures coming into the market in India is remarkably high. Now, different ventures require different registrations under the laws laid out under the Constitution of India. G&K Associates through their team of expert and experienced lawyers provide services relating to registration of Partnership Firm, Company, Charitable Society and Trust, Registration of project under RERA etc.

Our team at G&K Associates cater to the needs of various clients like developers, builders, real estate investors, investment banks, corporates, social organisations, etc.

Registration of Entities 1
Registration of Entities 2

Proprietor or partnership firms, charitable society and trust, company registration, etc fall under this category wherein the concerned party needs to get their entity registered with the relevant department in order to have government validation for operations.

When an entity is registered with the government authority, prompt and accurate drafting and categorization of the bylaws is necessary to ensure that they are in sync with the interest of the clients and also within the guidelines laid out under the Constitution of India. If not the case, the applicants can have a hard time in getting the required registrations done. Hence, an experienced law firm like G&K Associates has been instrumental in providing the concerned services to its clients from time to time.

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