About Us

G&K Associates is one of the leading & prominent and also one of the most remarkably fast growing law firm in Nagpur which provides legal consultation across various processes under the legal infrastructure like transfer of Properties, Drafting and Registration of various deeds, Adjudication and Impounding of documents, Property Redevelopment, Firm, Company & Society formation, RERA registration along with revenue matters.

The firm has a team of dedicated, professional, experienced and trusted legal advisors who are serving a diverse client base from Individuals to reputed Builders and Developers, Firms, Companies, Societies, and Property Consultants among others.


G&K Associates are committed towards providing effective & timely legal solutions for proper ventilation of grievances to our clients. Our young and dynamic team of expert and experienced attorneys are friendly, approachable, responsive and dedicated towards the resolution and satisfaction of our esteemed clients. Our team also ensures that they maintain complete confidentiality of our clients and their details.

Our team is capable of understanding the legal challenges and other complications of our clients. This is the reason that our clients appreciate the professional, innovative and pro-active approach in resolution of their various complex legal problems.

We are also on the panel of various Banks, NBFC’s, Firms, Companies & Societies providing professional advises and opinions on day-to-day affairs and other legal complications they encounter.

Attorneys retained by the law firm are registered with the Bar Council of India. The law firm and its attorneys function as per the norms laid out in the Advocates Act, 1961. The firm also retains the services of professionals from various backgrounds like Chartered Accountants (CA), Accountants, Company Secretaries, Patent Agents, Trade Mark Agents, experts in the field of engineering, educators, and so on.

Through this website, G&K Associates and none of their team members seek to advertise or solicit work through public domain. The nature of this website is solely for informational purposes as per the guidelines of the Bar Council of India.


Adv. Pravin Gautam

Advocate Pravin Gautam has been practising law for nearly a decade and a half now and has been proactive in helping individuals and organisations to promote awareness about law and order. Adv Gautam believes that the if every individual becomes affluent with the legal infrastructure of the country, it will be a boon for us. The reason he says this is because he feels that the credit of his success goes to the field of law. Over the years, Adv Gautam also developed an interest in studying finance and he continuous to explore the domain.

Adv. Pravin Kubde

Advocate Pravin Kubde, a lawyer by profession and a citizen of Nagpur has been a keen observant of the legal infrastructure of the country, the law enforcement department & the societal norms, and how they have been playing a role in ensuring that the country continues to be a law abiding nation. However, Adv Kubde had other plans when he began his career but, with a practise of over a decade now, Adv Kubde feels that the real purpose of his practise is to ensure that every citizen in the country abides by the law, not by force but by choice.