Associate & grow with us

In our journey to build a more safer & more responsible future, we are actively growing our team where we are consistently on the look for dedicated professionals to help contribute in this noble field of serving the law.

We are now opening our doors to further associations as legal proceedings and governance are in full swing (due to relaxations in Covid-19 protocol).


At G&K Associates, there is exposure towards various sectors within the legal frame where people are in need of professional legal guidance. Further details have been provided in the section of ‘Practice Areas’.

We also believe in contributing towards the society hence we are also active in CSR activities where we are associating members from all backgrounds. A legal background is an added advantage as partners at G&K Associates has been vocal about the importance of legal awareness in the society.

We are also on the panel of various Banks, NBFC’s, Firms, Companies & Societies providing professional advises and opinions on day-to-day affairs and other legal complications they encounter.

Further details can be taken through the firm on the aforementioned ‘Contact US’ section.