Adjudication, Impounding & Regularisation of Documents

Adjudication, Impounding & Regularization of documents before the concerned authorities is a vital process and requires an experienced legal practitioner for the process. G&K Associates provide advise, guidance and consultation for the above mentioned processes to a wide range of clients.

It should be noted that without proper legal expertise, the matters related to Adjudication, Impounding & Regularization of documents might complicate situations for the parties concerned as the documentation & scrutiny involved in this process is vast.

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The process of valuing the immovable property and arriving at its market value and ascertaining the proper stamp duty is called ‘adjudication’. For the process of adjudication, one can apply to the Collector of Stamps along with copy of the agreement containing the details of the property.

According to The Maharashtra Stamp act 1958 and various Judicial Decisions, payment of Stamp Duty is mandatory on the documents or Deeds.

The documents which are insufficiently stamped or not properly stamped are inadmissible as evidence before the courts of law. Thus such documents are to be Impounded  before Joint District Registrar and Collector of Stamps having the jurisdiction for the determination of proper stamps.

The above mentioned norms are just an overview of the list of procedures that need to be executed for proper documentation. For example, even if the valuation of the property mentioned in the deed can not be ascertained, in that case also the deed is to be adjudicated before Joint District Registrar and Collector of Stamps having the jurisdiction. We provide services to our clients for Adjudication and Impounding of various documents and deeds as per government norms and regulations.

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