Services to Banks & NBFCs

A law firm or an advocate does not play a direct role in the banking sector, however, every major financial transaction requires a the supervision of a legal analyst. This happens because, the legal documents of an individual or organisation are scrutinized by a legal expert/s.

Banks avail a number of services from an experienced legal firm like G&K Associates. These services include legal advice, representing banks in courts, drafting and registering agreements/deeds, adjudication & impounding of documents, transfer of property, etc.

The Index 2 is used as proof to show transfer deed execution or to confirm the legitimacy of the execution of a registered document. It is used at the time of Mortgage/Loan/Sale/Transfer etc. to show the completion of the Transfer of Immovable Property as per the Transfer of Property Act.

G&K Associates have an experienced team who provide end to end legal services to our clients which include a number of banks & NBFCs. The team is thoroughly prepared with the procedures laid out under different acts of the legal system.

Clients seeking consultation regarding a smooth & hassle-free process for ‘Services to Banks & NBFCs’ can contact us on the phone numbers/email-ids provided in the ‘Contact US’ section or can also click on ‘Request Consultation’ tab. The timings for appointments is also mentioned in the same.