Revenue Matters

Land revenue means all sums and payments in money or in kind received or claimable by, or on behalf of Government from any person on account of land held by, or vested in, him, cess, rate or other impost payable under the provisions of any law for the time being in force.

In Maharashtra, the tehsildar is mainly responsible for collecting taxes from a tehsil to ensure the proper inflow of land revenue to the government. The tehsildar is accompanied by several revenue inspectors.

The tehsildar collects taxes but it is the ‘patwari’ (under the tehsildar) is responsible for managing the land records and reporting the productivity of the land, maintaining its records in the office. One patwari can be responsible for multiple villages.

The submission of appropriate documents and proper payments of the taxes imposed by the government is extremely necessary if the concerned parties do not want to be penalised for any irregularities. For this purpose, an experienced law firm like G&K Associates helps its clients in fluent operations in this regard.

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