Drafting & Registration

A legal agreement and a deed are extremely important before work commences between two or more parties as these documents are enforceable in the court of law. These documents protect the rights and remedies of the parties bound in legal obligations mentioned in the contract.

The drafting and registration of a deed/agreement is a critical job and any loophole in the document can result in adverse situations for the concerned parties. An experienced law firm like G&K Associates helps its clients through this procedure with utmost responsibility as there should be no scope or loophole for dispute or wrongful breach of contract for personal use by either party.

YES. The registration of the deed/agreement with the concerned government body/department is extremely important because as per Section 17 of  The Registration Act, 1908 in order to create a legal title and ownership over the property, registration of deed/agreement is must.

Our team is experienced and expert in drafting and registration of various kinds of deeds viz. Agreement for Sale, Sale Deed, Conveyance Deeds, Deed of Assignments, Relinquishment Deeds, Lease Deeds, Mortgage Deeds, Cancellation Deeds, Correction Deeds, Deed of Declaration, Agreement of Development, Redevelopment Agreements, Deed of Exchange, Will etc.

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